RTG 4 week online course
Date to be confirmed

We are so excited to be running another 4 week course.  Creating new habits of a healthy diet and a regular exercise  routine is proven to help women get through this transition in life.
Join us for this 4 week course to rock your glow!

Monday 7:00pm
Webinar &
Fitness class

October 11th, 18th
November 1st, 8th


Over the course of 4 weeks learn how diet and exercise can improve your experience of the Perimenopause – focusing on different symptoms/body systems each week.

During the course we will be discussing the role that HRT has to play and busting some of the myths that surround it.

Heather will guide you through an amazing fitness class every week, prepare to stretch and tone, to help improve muscle mass and increase bone density.

Wear your workout kit and have a mat ready.

Webinar will be 45 mins followed by a 45 minute workout session.

Thursday 7:00pm Cook-Along 
October 14th, 21st
November 4th, 11th

Cook alongside Alli as she makes a delicious supper from the week’s Meal Plan. Details on ingredients needed will be emailed to you in advanced.

Cook along is approx 45 minutes - 1 hour

Silver package



  • 4 weekly informative webinars

  • 4 weekly Meal Plans

  • 4 weekly Cook-alongs

  • 4 weekly fitness classes – exclusive to RTG 

  • A pass to use on any 10 Mikky Rebel Fit classes during the course (worth £50)

  • Access to private Facebook RTG Perimenopause group

Gold package

To get the best benefits out of your 4 week course we recommend you add on the Nutri Advanced supplements.

A 28-day whole body hormone reset specifically designed to balance hormones in women 40+ no matter whether you are perimenopausal, menopausal or even post-menopausal

The Nutri Advanced Programme includes an information pack with a workbook, recipes and shopping lists for foods to compliment our RTG course

The Nutri Advanced Perimenopause Supplement Programme and Information Pack  (retail price £154.40)

You will also receive a Mikky Rebel Fit unlimited Live & On demand fitness pass with the gold package (worth £65)


Rock The Glow

We started Rock The Glow in early 2019 hosting a series of seminars and workshops on the Perimenopause.  Our goal is to help women understand more about hormonal health in their 40's and beyond.

We want to give a positive perspective on the Perimenopause/Menopause, so that women start to see this as a natural transition of hormones rather than an illness.

There is no better way to get through this than with the support of other women.

Women supporting women and sharing experiences can help immensely.

About Us

Alli Godbold Portrait - 28.04.14-3376.jp

Alli Godbold

I have been in practice as a nutritional therapist for over 20yrs. 

I believe that good nutrition is essential for optimising women's health and I am particularly interested in helping women through the peri menopause and menopause.  I take a practical approach and love to get my clients excited about preparing and cooking amazing healthy food.

Heather headshot.JPG

Heather Mikkelsen

I started my career in the Health and Fitness Industry over 20 years ago in New York City. I believe that a combination of strength training, flexibility and mindfulness is integral in maintaining overall health. Regular exercise is crucial for women facing perimenopause and menopause and significantly benefits their wellbeing.


Rock The Glow - Women's Health 1 day Events
Coming soon

Are you experiencing perimenopause symptoms?

Anxiety, weight gain, hot flushes, insomnia, headaches, low mood, exhaustion, hair loss, skin changes, vaginal dryness, low libido ...

the list goes on. 

For many women these symptoms start in their 40's - the perimenopause can occur up to 10 years before your cycle stops.

Our 2 hour immersive course will focus on how nutrition and exercise can help to ease you through the hormonal flux of Perimenopause. 

Only £30


What to expect:

10:00am we meet all participants for an informative webinar with Nutritional Therapist Alli Godbold and Fitness Professional Heather Mikkelsen

We will then move to the mat for a 30 minute fitness class with Heather

Finishing with a Cook-Along with Alli during which you will make a delicious, healthy lunch

Dates to be confirmed.


"Rock the Glow helped me in so many ways and I was absolutely delighted with the result. After the course, I was sleeping better and felt more energetic and focused."


"The course was a great mix of being informative and fun. I learnt a lot! I am now much more aware of having a balanced diet (the meal plans are helpful) and more varied exercise."


"You’re both totally approachable and helpful people and the way you genuinely help other woman is great - hope you do many more of these workshops!"


"It was a great investment in time and effort, and incredible value for money because it's such a multi-faceted course that includes presentations, cook-a-longs and exercise sessions."


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Rock your Glow
We want to help women through this hormonal flux as seamlessly as possible,
we absolutely believe that diet and lifestyle changes can really help on this journey.

"We are rocking our glow and you should too"

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